About Us

Woopi Backpackers is a family-owned business operated by local people. We are a small but mighty team of three humans and one dog.

As seasoned travellers, we understand what it is like to be on the other side of the world away from friends and family, so we endeavour to always make you feel warm and welcome.

Mi casa es su casa.

Woopi Backpackers Staff


Since opening in 2017, Woopi Backpackers has operated with a strong emphasis on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we strive to conduct business in the most eco-friendly way possible.

With a 17kw solar system, the hostel produces sufficient electricity to meet our needs. We use instantaneous gas hot water systems with a 6 Star energy rating to help reduce greenhouse emissions, and a paperless payment system which allows guests to receive digital copy receipts via email or text message.

Our kitchen waste is sorted by staff with help from guests, and then disposed of appropriately. Soft plastics are taken to a REDCycle collection point, and all bottles and cans are deposited with the Return & Earn NSW Program. These measures ensure that our contribution to landfill is as minimal as possible.

Most of our furniture is handmade, upcycled or donated from the local community, and recycled building materials were used where possible during construction.

Meet The Team

Henry Newman - Boss Dog


Hostel Doggo & Door Greeter – Boss Dog

Henry is our resident pooch and the goodest boy around. He loves the outdoors and long walks on the beach. He’s a simple man, and like most, the way to his heart is through his stomach (though we don’t encourage feeding because foreign cuisine tends to give him the shits).

Sam Newman

Owner & Onsite Manager – Big Boss

Sam is a fourth generation local and the brains / brawn behind Woopi Backpackers. Having explored most continents, he was inspired to create a unique experience for Backpackers in his hometown. Interestingly, whilst visiting a friend in Nicaragua, he helped to build highly sustainable and eco-friendly homes also known as ‘earth huts’.

Around the hostel, Sam is your go to for pretty much anything (except stupid questions, because he hates stupid questions. Or help with technology because he also hates stupid technology).

Rebecca Newman

Owner & Operations Manager – Lady Boss

Bec is Sam’s twin sister! As well as chromosomes and the same last name they also share a love for travel, in fact she’s travelled to almost as many places as him (almost!). When Sam expressed his interest in opening a hostel in their hometown, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved, offering her time and investment.

As a working Mum, you might find her around the hostel with baby Tessa in tow.

Emily Berry

Admin, Marketing & Events Manager – Little Boss

Em is a young Woopi local that’s been with the team since Day 1. Having travelled and lived overseas after finishing university, she returned home to settle down and start a family. She is passionate about sharing her love for the town and will help you experience everything it has to offer.

As our resident Millenial, Em can help you with all of the tech questions that Sam dodges. Her daughter Charlotte may also make an appearance in the hostel from time to time.

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